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My love affair with the altered landscape began in 2003 when I moved to South Carolina for graduate school. There I saw my first kudzu. This beautiful plant with its heady fragrance, purported to grow up to a foot a day, transforms everything it covers into sculptural wonders. In the process it smothers its host, robbing plants, bushes, and trees of sunlight and nourishment so that they eventually die. I am fascinated by something so beautiful and so deadly, a botanical rendition of the classic femme fatale. For over a decade I have rephotographed many of the same places, in all four seasons, branching out into images of similar destructive plants, but none possessing the sheer force or elegiac beauty of kudzu. All prints are handmade alternative process prints in platinum, cyanotype, platinum/cyanotype, gum bichromate, mordançage, or salted paper.

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